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Laboratory/Shop Rules

The following safety and procedural rules and operating procedures are to be adhered to by students at all times, without exception, in the Automotive Laboratory/Shop.

  1. Acceptable eye safety devices shall be worn in the automotive lab in accordance with ASE standards pertaining to eye protection.
  2. Eye safety devices must be worn at all times in the automotive lab
  3. Visitors to the laboratory must wear eye protection
  4. All vehicles will have the parking brakes applied. Vehicles with automatic transmissions must be placed in “Park” or “Neutral”; manual transmission vehicles must be placed in “Neutral”. You must roll down the front windows, when in the lab to prevent being locked out of the vehicle.
  5. Appropriate clothing is required during lab periods.
  6. Leather shoes are required. Steel-toed shoes are recommended.
  7. Loose clothing or attire, short pants or sleeveless shirts are not permitted.
  8. Long hair must be tied-back or secured before entering the lab.
  9.  All jewelry, metal watches and rings must be removed before entering the lab.
  10. Latex gloves will be worn whenever prolonged contact with solvents, gasoline or other harmful petroleum distillates is possible.
  11. Special rubber gloves and face shields are provided and must be worn when using the parts cleaners in the lab. Face shields must worn when using bench grinders and the hydraulic press.
  12. Special safety equipment must be used when working with Hybrid Electric vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to; high voltage rubber gloves (with current certification), face shield, battery apron (if applicable), safety hook/pole, traffic/safety cones, and high voltage signage.
  13.  Never use compressed air to dry asbestos contaminated parts.
  14. Students must report any injury to the instructor immediately.
  15. Jack stands must be used when the vehicles are raised with floor jacks.
  16. Students must bring their own expendable supplies when repairing their own vehicles (i.e. oil, transmission fluid, lubricants, etc.)
  17. Program vehicles will be returned to their original condition prior to the end of each lab period. They are to be parked inside the fenced lot, backed in and locked. Return keys to the instructor.
  18. Radios or tapes will not be played in any lab area.
  19. No Horse Play is allowed in the shop
  20. Students may not use lab equipment without first receiving instruction from the instructor.
  21. NOTE: Students not following Laboratory Rules will be dismissed from the lab. Missed labs cannot be made up. Two dismissals from the lab for safety violations can result in permanent dismissal from the class resulting in an F for the course.

I understand and agree to follow these rules and procedures.


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