AYT Institute, Inc. will have clearly delineated, fair and objective standards for admission of student. AYT Institute, Inc. will meet the following requirements for admission of students:

  1. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age,
  2. Each student admitted should have a high school diploma or GED; if applicable and
  3. Have or the ability to obtain a valid driver’s license and satisfactory driving record by completion of training
  4.  Every person admitted to instruction shall be a bona fide student, intending to complete the  program to which admitted;
  5. Every student admitted shall have a high school diploma or GED
  6. The basis for admission will be determined after an oral interview is conducted. There is no pre-admission counseling required.
  7. Decisions regarding admission shall be made by staff members whose compensation is not directly tied to the level of enrollment, and who have no direct financial interest in whether a particular individual has been admitted or not.

Admission Criteria
Admission to the program will be based on a student’s oral interview and high school diploma or GED. Students who meet the admissions requirements will follow a core automotive instructional program.

Admission Process
After being provisionally admitted,, the student will complete required paperwork and formalities. Then they will need to complete the course enrollment program and pay the required fees. Upon completion, final admission to the AYT Institute, Inc. is given. The student will then report to the AYT Institute, Inc. in order to begin the course of study.

Academic Regulations
Academic regulations have a two-fold purpose:
-To help students who are failing make progress in the training programs
-To facilitate the maintenance of high academic standards at the institute

Grading Policy
Students at AYT Institute, Inc. are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Academic progress is defined by both quantitative and qualitative measures. A grade of a ‘C’ or better is a passing score and is required in addition to completing the program with a high attendance rate. Students must complete the program within 42 weeks.